Köln (ots) - Fast drei Viertel (74 Prozent) der 18 bis 34-Jährigen wünschen sich E-Wahlen in Deutschland. Das ergibt eine aktuelle Umfrage des Die junge Generation informiert sich bereits online über die ...

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High And Blend


High And Blend
Knobelsdorffstr. 9
14471 Potsdam



HighAndBlend support more than standard music, we release:


- Hip-Hop
- Trip-Hop
- Drum 'n' Bass
- Truntablism
- Downbeat
- Nu Jazz
- Ambient
- Movies Music


and more..


If you also want to appear on this label, contact us with the contact form from After a short time we will write back to you.



You have reached the nirvana of good music. From here you will experience things that you missed for a long time. Our sound system was created to all the good music of this world get to apoint. Since we have enjoyed many years the talent to entertain our fellow human beings have to get up directly in, we saw ourselves forced to create a plat which can represent both visually. After much consideration we have chosen the way of the internet to reach all our musical friends and music lovers. 
We hope you will honor this...



HighAndBlend produced for many years various music. This concentration of different musicians, its not to put it in a drawer, there is another label presents best music. We have long been a mystery whether it makes sense to set up another label, the answer is now imaginable, HighAndBlend is simply a unique. No other label can entertain more people than this. From good German hip hop, weighty drum n bass, finest dubstep to high quality trip-hop. We have the finest selection youve never heard before.


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